Gold Shield Fund

They answered the call. We should, too.

Helping  those who help us, we sometimes forget about law enforcement officers,  firemen and other public safety people until we need one. Yet, if we  do, we know they'll respond immediately when we call. Knowing help is  on the way is priceless.

But  who comes with help when one of our first responders is killed or  seriously injured in the line of duty? Unfortunately, there are few  provisions for them and their families.

That's  the gap the Gold Shield Fund hopes to bridge. Obviously, we can't take  back an accident, but we can provide emergency funds for families in a  tight spot. Maybe they can't meet their mortgage, their groceries are  low or a daughter needs insulin. Or maybe a mother needs airfare to  travel to her son's memorial service. The organization’s primary goal  is to help each family on an individual basis, depending on their  situation and needs.

This  assistance doesn't repay these public servants for they've sacrificed  to keep us safe, but it does help, especially in a time of loss.

How It Works

The  Gold Shield Fund's board of director’s reviews and votes on each fund  allocation. Financial assistance will vary, depending on the individual  situation. Because we are a local organization, our response is swift  and decisive.

There are two ways you can help: Make a contribution and join the Gold Shield Fund,

All  charitable gifts, donations, contributions and bequests are 100 percent  tax deductible. Your investment in the Gold Shield Fund is an  investment in the people who put themselves in harm's way for the  safety and well being of our community. The fund is administered by the  North Georgia Community Foundation.

For more information please contact Billy Hendrix at 770-287-8227.