5 Ideas for Memorial Favors

Funeral homes in Lula, GA, can offer various services ranging from support to planning. If you want an added touch of detail, you might consider getting a memorial favor. This gesture can be a great way to thank individuals for coming to the services and help them feel more connected to the deceased, so here are five popular suggestions. 

What are Memorial Favors? 

Memorial favors are also known as tokens, and, traditionally, they are a small item that reflects a reminder of the loved one who passed away. They can be a significant gift to offer those who have come to support the family through the process, and it is encouraged to personalize the item because this can help create a truly memorable experience. 

When picking the gift, it is recommended to consider the loved one, which could be anything ranging from their personality to favorite hobbies or interests. Finding something that represents them is the key to what kind of gift you will offer, so here are some ideas. 

Give a Favorite Recipe 

If the loved one spent a lot of time in the kitchen, whether baking or cooking, you might consider giving the attendees a copy of a favored recipe. This could be one that your family prepared regularly or on special occasions, and you could include a small note on the back of the card with a thank you for their support. 

Engraved Charms 

Another thoughtful option is to purchase metal charms that can have a thoughtful engraving put on them. They are affordable and can be ordered with a small loop at the top, making them ideal for adding to a key chain or a necklace. 

Tea or Coffee Packet 

If the loved one was an avid tea or coffee lover, you might consider purchasing small satchels of their favorite blend and offering that to the attendees. This can be a gift that the individuals can use later, especially because they can remember the individual as they are enjoying their beverage. 

Seed Packs  

Some individuals are avid gardeners or plant enthusiasts, so you might consider purchasing seed packets that the attendees can plant in their favorite areas. The flower options will range, so you could base the decision on a species that the loved one enjoyed, or you might pick traditional sunflowers or forget-me-nots. 

Chocolate or Candy 

The last recommendation is to offer the favorite chocolate or candy of the loved one. This could be a welcome gift, especially after attending services, and could offer a sweet pick me up at the end of the day. 

Your Trusted Source for Care and Support  

Choosing a memorial token can be a great way to create a meaningful experience for anyone who attends the event, and if you need help with planning, we are here for you. We are one of the locally owned funeral homes in Lula, GA, and have been in business since 1951, providing exceptional services, so contact us today.