Essential Information on Choosing a Cemetery Plot 

Funeral homes in Oakwood, GA, offer an exceptional array of choices when it comes to funerals, and if you are choosing traditional burial, you will need to purchase multiple items, including the casket, headstone, and grave liner, and the plot. Picking the right grave site can be a crucial part of laying the loved one to rest, so we are here with some helpful tips and things to consider about them.  

What Kinds of Plots are Available?  

Four main types of plots can be purchased in most cemeteries, and they are:  


The single plot is the most common type of grave in a cemetery. The space and design are built for one casket and are considered the most straightforward and affordable option.  


A double plot is a spacing that allows for two plots instead of just one. These are commonly used for couples, and the caskets are typically placed side-by-side, but they can also be buried on top of one another in a double-depth option. The double-depth only requires one plot space on top, so it is the least expensive of the two choices.  


There are a lot of families that choose to be buried together, and this option can accommodate that request. In most cases, a larger section is purchased, and multiple graves are placed side-by-side with a headstone or monument, or headstone placed in the area with the family name.  


The last option is not available in all cemeteries, but for those who wish to be buried after the cremation, there can be an option to purchase a plot for this. These plots are traditionally the same size as a normal casket, so if multiple cremated family members want to be buried together, it can be an ideal choice. 

What will a Plot Cost?  

The cost of the plot will vary based on whether it is in a rural or urban area and if it is on public or private property. The cost for a single public plot can range between $200-$2000, and a private cemetery can run between $2000-$5000 and go even higher depending on how densely populated the area is already.  

There are also interment fees that cover the cost of opening and closing the grave, finishing the paperwork, and replacing the sod, and this is normally priced at around $350. There may also be a burial permit required, which runs about $20. 

We Offer Services Built on Compassion and Honesty 

The burial is one portion of the services, and choosing a plot in a location, the loved one favored can be a great way to contribute to healing and feeling connected. The services can also help contribute to this, and if you are looking at funeral homes in Oakwood, GA, we would love to support you with planning the event. We are locally owned and understand the pain of loss, so we provide compassionate support for all our clients. We offer customized options for services, so contact us today if you need to schedule an appointment.