Traditional Burial Steps

Whether you are choosing to purchase a casket for burial or an urn for cremation services in Braselton, GA, in both cases, the individual can be placed in a plot after the event is completed. When it comes to a traditional service, there are multiple steps involved in the burial process, so we have created this helpful outline to better understand the steps. 

Picking the Company 

The first step is to find a funeral home that is reputable and trustworthy. One part of this is ensuring you interview them to ensure that they will meet your needs. This can be even more important if you are going to be having the memorial service with them and you have any specific religious or cultural traditions you need to uphold. 

You can schedule an appointment with the chosen company, and they will help explain to you their process, and you can clarify your specific needs around any events or planning, so there's no confusion. 

Planning the Details 

A few things you will need to consider for burial is purchasing a casket which will require contacting the chosen cemetery. If you don't already have one picked out, the funeral home can provide a list for you of options available. 

In addition, you will need to choose the location of the plot, the type of plot, and include a burial vault or grave liner, as well as purchase a headstone. 

Preparing the Body 

When the Funeral Home is preparing the body for the burial, unless there is going to be a viewing of the individual with an open casket, embalming will not be necessary. One aspect of traditional burial includes cleaning and disinfecting the body as well as dressing and doing the hair and makeup of the individual. One recommendation is to provide a photo to help recreate the makeup style and hair of the individual and provide clothing that is appropriate and feels authentic for the experience. 

Final Steps 

The individual will then be placed in a casket, and if you don't already have one picked out, you can speak to the funeral home to see what they have available. You will then need to plan the Funeral services and any other arrangements that need to be made, and this can include details such as: 

  • Having a reception 
  • Doing a eulogy reading 
  • Ordering memorial tokens for attendees 
  • Including clergy members 
  • Having a funeral procession 

The opening and closing of the grave will then take place, and this can be combined with a small service at the gravesite, followed up by placing the headstone on the cemetery plot. 

We Offer Expert Care and Professional Services  

As you can see, traditional burial has many steps to it, and if you're looking for assistance with funeral or cremation services in Braselton, GA, we are experts you can trust. We offer multiple benefits, including help with preplanning, and can create customized options that will work with your needs. We are locally owned and deeply committed to our community, so contact us today for more information.