What Happens at a Cremation?

Cremation services in Gainesville, GA, are an honorable and traditional method that has been used for thousands of years to lay a loved one to rest. The process may feel complicated if you have never been through it before, so we have created this helpful guide, so you understand what to expect and help you make a decision that feels authentic and appropriate for your loved one. 

Steps for Cremation 

The cremation process has multiple steps, and once the individual arrives at the crematory, their remains will need to be identified by a friend or family member to start the process. There is also paperwork that needs to be filled out that permits the crematory to move forward with the cremation. 

The body is then prepared, which typically consists of cleaning and dressing the deceased while; at the same time, any jewelry, prosthetics, or battery-operated medical equipment will be removed. Due to the incineration process, none of these items can go into the cremation chamber because they can cause issues with the cremation. However, if the individual has any hardware such as nails or screws, those will be left in place. 

The individual will then be placed into a container appropriate for the incineration process. The container needs to be durable and combustible, so a simple cardboard box will suffice. The container is then placed into the cremation chamber, which can reach temperatures of up to 2000 degrees in the process will take between two to three hours to complete. 

The remains will be left to be cooled, and once they are at the appropriate temperature, any remaining metal fragments will be removed and sent for recycling. The remains are then placed into a device that will break them down into fine ash; they are placed in a receptacle and returned to the family. 

Other Considerations 

One main consideration when choosing cremation is to ensure that you have an urn start container holding the remains. An average-sized urn will hold between 3 to 9 pounds of ashes, equivalent to an average adult weighing between 200 and 220 pounds. Some companies specialize in larger and smaller urns, so consider what size you need when picking out the container. 

In addition, you may also choose to have a memorial service or a celebration of life before or after the cremation process so keep this in mind as an option to remember and honor the individual's legacy. 

We Offer Professional and Compassionate Services  

Holding the cremation services in Gainesville, GA, can offer a sense of closure and help lay the individual to rest in a way that feels authentic and honorable. It can be incredibly painful to go through a loss, so you want expert care at your side to help you through the process, and we are a trusted source. We offer multiple services, including preplanning, and have a deep commitment to our community, so contact us today if you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment.